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Please Don't “Super Size Me.”

            It is awkward to watch a movie like “Super Size Me” after being raised on fast food. This movie put the plain truth out there for everyone to see. Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock went on an all you can eat McDonald’s diet for a month. By watching this movie, I was able to assign some rationality to my feeling as I realized the extent to how food helps shape the lives in which we live. Many people do not realize that eating wrong can cause health problems, emotional problems, and weight problems. I now realize this and plan to ban fast food as long as I possibly can.

            The movie showed Morgan Spurlock eating nothing but items from McDonald’s for one month. I thought, “What’s the big deal, I can do that.” After eating off of McDonald’s menu for only one month, Spurlock had major health problems, his cholesterol sky rocketed, his liver looked like that of a person who had drank liquor for a lifetime, and he gained over twenty pounds. I can clearly see why fast food is not a healthy meal, even though it does fill you up for a short amount of time.

            This movie shows how companies use technology to market their products. Almost everyone in the United States owns a television. This is the major form of technology that is used to lure people into buying unhealthy products. Not realizing how much of an affect that McDonald’s had on people, I was shocked to see them forgetting the words to the pledge of allegiance, and then remembering every word of a McDonald’s song for a sandwich. Not only that, but I could not believe that the children did not know who Jesus was in the picture, but they knew who Ronald McDonald was. This shows that every American, young or old, knows who Ronald McDonald is.

            Back when I was in grade school and high school, I can remember that we had fatting foods on our lunch trays. The pizza, jello, chocolate milk, juice, chips, and fries were the items that were given to use to eat for lunch. The movie shows that most schools do serve high fatting foods. I can relate to this topic, because I started to gain weight in high school due to eating the wrong foods. My diet consisted of snacks, sodas, and chips. I agree with the movie in saying that children should be given a better diet at school.

            Science tells us that our body needs food to make energy, but if we eat too much food, then that extra energy turns into fat. It’s really easy for me to see why so many people in the United States are becoming obese, but it just doesn’t add up. Most people say that they can not afford to eat healthier, but yet they have to have that brand new car or truck. After watching the movie, I can see that paying an extra two dollars for a Subway sub would be a healthier choice, even if I do have to drive my 1996 Honda a little longer. Just do the math, the percentage of people becoming obese, having diabetes, and becoming emotionally attached to food is rising. I would rather spend the money to keep from having all of the problems that unhealthy food causes.

            My new understanding is that fast food is cheap, but unhealthy. I now think of fast food in a whole different perspective. After seeing how chicken nuggets were made at McDonald’s, they are no longer my favorite item on the menu. I never thought that eating McDonald’s for a straight month would have caused all of the problems it did for Spurlock. This movie was a necessary wake-up call for all ages, adults and children. It shows that eating a diet of nothing but junk is dangerous and that by eating the food, your only putting yourself at risk.      

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