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Why Do We Get Hungry?
When do you feel hungry? It's because your stomach is empty. Hunger is registered by the part of your brain called the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus acts as a supervisory center that regulates many body functions. After you eat, your body digests your food and then becomes empty again. This is why you are hungry.  Why does your tummy rumble? Well, your stomach and your intestines are always moving because they are digesting the food that you eat. When the food is gone, then air is all that is left in your stomach. This air is pushed around by your stomach and intestines, which is what causes all those noises

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The Digestive System

When you eat, your body makes energy from the food that you eat. The food is broken down into tiny molecules in the small intestine. The molecules are tiny enough for the body cells to use. This is how you have energy throughout the day. To the left is a picture of the digestive system. All of these parts help to breakdown the food that you eat so that you can have energy. 


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