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Why do People Never Seem

to Run Out of Questions?

This web-site is for kids and adults who want some answers. Science, Math, and Technology can be very interesting. This web page answers questions that both kids and adults have. Kids are interested in almost everything, if someone will take the time to explain it. I think that they want to become more like you and I, therefore they want to know everything that you and I know. This is certainly why I asked so many questions when I was kid. Some of the topics on this page are for kids, while the others are for the students in my SMTE class at Waycross College.



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?- - Why does ice float in water?

?- How are rocks formed?

?- How does a tornado start?

?- Why do we get Hungry?

?- Why do we get fat?

?- How do farmers grow seedless grapes?

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